3 Reasons Dental Veneers are the Best for Chipped Teeth

Chipped teeth are nothing uncommon today, especially among people that love chewing ice. Although a chipped tooth might not be severe, it has an immediate and significant impact on one's smile. Sadly, that is only the beginning because if you are not happy with your smile, then you will start feeling stressed, insecure and, worst of all, embarrassed about your appearance. Fortunately, a dentist can easily repair your chipped tooth using dental veneer technology. This article highlights the reasons why dental veneers are the most appropriate treatment for a chipped tooth.

Hides other Imperfections -- Many people start their day with a cup of coffee. Others take red wine right after dinner. Such beverages stain teeth and might contribute to tooth chipping. If you have a chipped a tooth or two, your dentist might recommend dental veneers, especially if the chip is not severe. However, the dentist first has to grind away the chipped area to roughen it for the veneer to bind well. Once the veneer is in place, you will notice that it covers the entire tooth or teeth. The best part is that in the process of repairing a chipped tooth, dental veneers also hide other imperfections such as stained teeth and gaps.

No Follow-Ups with the Dentist -- Dental veneers are not the only solution to repairing chipped tooth because a crown, cap or tooth bonding also delivers results. However, most people always try to keep visits to the dentist at a minimum. For such patients, dental veneers are arguably the most appropriate treatment solution for a chipped tooth. The reason for this is that once the dentist has placed the veneer in position and it is bonded, there is no need for follow-up appointments. Tooth crowns, on the other hand, must be checked for infections regularly, requiring follow-up appointments with the dentist.

Variety of Veneers -- There are several different kinds of dental veneers. These include composite veneers, porcelain veneers, instant veneers and removable veneers. Which of these ought to be your choice depends on various factors. For instance, if you are on a tight budget, you can choose removable veneers. Porcelain veneers, on the other hand, offer the best results, although they are the most expensive veneers.

If you want to avoid the potential embarrassment that comes from broken teeth, get in touch with your dentist today and ask him or her about dental veneers.