How to Best Avoid Back Pain As a New Mum

It's not unusual for a pregnant lady to suffer a lot of physical pain or discomfort, as they have to deal with the challenges of childbirth. However, issues can continue after the baby is delivered, and back pain can seem to be a never-ending reality for many. While experts can certainly help each new mother to deal with this pain through corrections and other intervention, the new mum can do a lot to help prevent the worst symptoms by making certain changes to her parenting approach. What are some useful tips to consider if you find yourself in this situation?


As a new mum, you will need to get used to a variety of different tasks that you never had to perform before. For example, you may have to lift heavy weights as you pick up a laden car seat and must get use the right technique if you are to avoid any problems. Whatever you do, don't bend forward with straight legs. Don't forget to ask for help from somebody else, if you need it.

Nappy Changing

You must also get used to bending over in unusual positions as you perform certain tasks. For example, when you need to change a nappy, you should choose a proper nappy-changing table or adjust your approach to help your back. Once again, remember that good technique is everything.


As you get used to breastfeeding, you will notice that you have to sit in an unusual position for an extended period of time, and this may cause issues if you don't deal properly with your posture. You may need to put a supportive pillow behind your lower back and a cushion beneath your arm as you support the baby properly for them to feed. Always feel that you are as comfortable as possible. If you are exhibiting any strain whatsoever, this will have a long-term effect.


Remember that when you carry your baby, you should use a purpose-made sling that helps them to 'sit' centrally and in the best position across the front of your body. This will only become more important as the baby quickly grows and becomes more of a weight for your spinal structure and muscles to deal with.

Sleep Is Crucial

Remember to get as much sleep as you possibly can, which is, of course, easier said than done in this situation! Nevertheless, this will help your body to recover and make you more able to deal with those challenging tasks the following day.

Expert Help

If you need help to fix some of the issues caused by these wonderful but nevertheless challenging tasks performed by each mum, ask your osteopath to help you out.