Possible Non-Trauma Causes of Your Heel Pain

Heel pain is typically associated with sports injuries. However, despite the heel pain being a common symptom of foot trauma, this is not the only reason why you could develop it. From wearing ill-fitting shoes to improper posture, there is an array of other reasons why you could develop heel pain. Since some of these causes may take a while to manifest as a painful symptom, you may assume that innocuous reasons cause your initial discomfort. But in truth, the longer the symptoms go unchecked, the higher the likelihood of exacerbation. Thus, it is essential to be knowledgeable of the different risks you may be exposed to that could lead to heel pain. This article explores some of the possible non-trauma causes of your heel pain.

Plantar fasciitis

Typically attributed to overuse of your foot, plantar fasciitis may also develop due to non-trauma causes. This ailment comes about when your foot endures too much stress on a frequent basis. One reason why you may develop it without injuring your foot is if you experience severe weight gain in a short period. For example, pregnant women may be vulnerable to plantar fasciitis if they gain too much weight during their gestation period. Another reason why you could develop plantar fasciitis despite an injury is overpronation of your foot, which usually occurs when you roll your foot outward, causing straining of the arch. Lastly, plantar fasciitis may happen when you are always in unsupportive footwear, since your foot will not be able to absorb the impact it is exposed to adequately.

Heel bursitis

Heel bursitis comes about when your foot's retrocalcaneal bursa, which are fluid-filled sacs that function to cushion your back heel, develop inflammation. Constant rubbing against the back of your heel usually causes the inflammation. With time, you will notice that the back of your heel is developing a reddish appearance. Tenderness, as well as sharp pain, will also accompany this redness. Since heel bursitis tends to come about due to tight shoes, you may want to consider shoes that will have a bit of cushioning at the back.

Tarsal tunnel

This cause of heel pain is quite similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, which is an ailment that affects fingers and wrists. People tend to develop tarsal tunnel syndrome when their tibial nerve is obstructed. If this pinching of the nerve is not addressed, the blood flow to your foot can become constricted. Subsequently, you develop heel pain due to inflammation of the nerve. Tarsal tunnel is common among overweight people, but it can also come about if you have untreated heel spurs. 

If you have heel pain, visit a local podiatrist to get the cause diagnosed and treated.