4 Ideas on How To Get a Job as a Medical Physician in a Foreign Country

Are you a medical doctor trying to find a job abroad? Perhaps you have just relocated to a new country and you do not know where to begin? The good thing about the medical field is that a doctor is a doctor no matter where he/she is. Below are some ideas you could use in order to find work.

Religious Institutions

If you do not have any backing or help and you have to look for a job by yourself, start at religious institutions. Some churches, mosques and temples run a medical centre, and you might be lucky enough to find a medical physician vacancy waiting for you.

The downside of getting a job attached to a religious institution is that you might be required to share the same faith as them, but this is not always the case. The advantage, however, is that most religious institutions do not refuse applications because they rarely have enough qualified staff to begin with.

Educational Institutions

A second way of getting a job as a doctor is through educational institutions. Most schools, especially those that have boarding facilities, have an infirmary. Since you are in a foreign country, you should not be too picky about where you work until you get a nice footing in the new region.

All you have to do is ask whether there is a medical physician vacancy you can apply for. There may be a position open, but they may dismiss you as overqualified. Make sure to tell them you do not mind at all as long as you have work on your hands.

Regular Hospitals

Identify the hospitals that you can easily access and go to the customer care desk. You should always have your applications ready in case they ask for them, but do not give them out until asked.

Politely inquire at the customer service desk whether there is a medical physician vacancy in their institution and what procedures are to be followed when applying. Once they give you the details, follow them to your best ability.


You can use the media to your total advantage in several ways. Apart from looking at medical physician vacancy advertisements in the newspapers, you can take to social media to get some help. Join online medical forums and also ask any friends or family that you may have in the new country. The more you network, the higher the chances of you getting a job opening. You just have to be patient and persistent.