Four All-Natural Ways to Beat Pregnancy Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common pregnancy problems for women today. Whilst many women assume that back pain is just something they'll have to endure until the baby arrives, that's actually far from the truth. You can greatly ease—or maybe even completely eliminate—back pain if you know about the following techniques. These all-natural solutions are easy to use and take very little time to implement.

1. Side Sleeping

When your back is making you miserable whilst pregnant, the worst thing you can do is to add more pressure to it by sleeping on it. Instead, try side sleeping. You'll quickly notice less pressure and pain, which might also help you sleep better. You can add a pillow between your knees to increase comfort as well. 

2. Standing Straight and Tall

Posture has a direct connection to back pain, and this is especially true whilst you're pregnant. The baby gradually pulls your spine forward, which can interfere with your spinal alignment enough to cause back pain. You can minimise this problem simply by standing straight and tall rather than slumping forward or leaning sharply backward. Remember to keep your shoulders squared and straight rather than rolled forward, as this will help give your spine the stability it needs right now. 

3. Wearing the Right Footwear

Many pregnant women may not realise what a big impact that footwear can actually have on the back. When you wear shoes with a heel—even a fairly small one—it forces your centre of gravity forward, causing back pain. Since the baby's already pulling your centre of gravity forward, heels might make the situation all but unbearable. Replace heels with flat shoe, but avoid thongs or other flat shoes that have no support. Having good arch support within sturdy flat shoes can reduce your pain dramatically, and you might notice the benefits straight away. 

4. Exercising Every Day

When you're dealing with pregnancy back pain, you might feel like the last thing you want to do is to exercise. However, doing a least a little bit of low impact exercise every day can help strengthen the core muscles that support your spine—and this means less back pain. Before any exercise, it's always wise to do a few gentle stretches. Speak to your women's health provider about stretching techniques that are suitable and safe for you and your baby.

Use the techniques above to care for yourself (and your back) whilst your baby grows. Your back pain will lessen or even vanish, and you'll be better able to enjoy your pregnancy.