5 Signs That You Need Urgent Treatment for Skin Rashes

It is important for you to recognise when you should get immediate medical attention for a rash and when you don't have to rush to an urgent care facility. This article discusses some of the factors that should prompt you to seek medical attention after developing a rash.

After Taking Medication

You should seek for immediate medical attention if you ever develop a rash after taking any medication. This is because the rash could be a warning sign that your body is exhibiting an allergic reaction to the medicine which you were given. Prompt medical attention can help to prevent worse effects from developing as the medicine circulates in your body.

Rapidly Spreading Rashes

It is also important for you to rush to a healthcare professional as soon as you develop a rash on any part of your body and the rash starts spreading quickly. Many rashes tend to be localised to an affected part, such as the skin on the back of your hands. Rashes which spread quickly may be triggered by a systemic problem within your body. You need to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment for such a rash.

Breathing Difficulties

You should never take a rash lightly if it causes you to start experiencing breathing difficulties. Rush to a walk-in medical clinic so that you can be given treatment to restore normalcy to your breathing while the rash is investigated and treated. Otherwise, you may collapse if vital parts of your body, such as the brain, get starved of oxygen and nutrients during that time when you aren't breathing properly.


Pain is another signal that should prompt you to seek urgent care when you develop a rash. Pain can make it hard for you to go through your day in a normal way. Painful rashes may also be an indicator of deeper problems which should be investigated and treated.

Lip or Throat Swelling

Find a provider of emergency healthcare as soon as you develop a rash that causes your lips or throat to swell. Breathing and feeding/drinking can become hard if your lips and the throat have swollen due to the rash. Get treated so that you can feed and breathe well. Your immunity will then be better able to deal with whatever is causing the rash.

Don't try to identify what type of rash you could be suffering from if you aren't a medical professional. Visit a walk-in medical clinic so that a doctor can examine you and conduct any necessary tests before you start treatment for the condition.