5 Signs You Need to Try a Compounding Pharmacy

You may have heard of compounding pharmacies, and you may be wondering if they are right for your situation. If you cannot find the medications you need at a conventional pharmacy, it may be time to try a compounding pharmacy. Here are some signs you should try a compounding pharmacy.

1. You Need Medication in a Different Format

In some cases, drugs are only available in certain formats. For example, a doctor may want a child to take a medication that is only available in adult strength. However, a pharmacy that offers compounding services may be able to make that same drug in a reduced dosage that's easier for kids to take.

Similarly, if a medication is only available in pills and you need a liquid, a compounding pharmacy may be able to help with that.

2. The Medication You Need Is Not Available

Unfortunately, there are some cases where patients can't get certain medications. In particular, there may be a worldwide shortage of that medication. Compounding pharmacies are able to mix medications.

Before relying on this option, talk with your doctor to ensure they recommend that, and contact the pharmacy to see if it's possible. In some cases, patents or other laws may make it impossible for compounding pharmacies to copy every type of drug.

3. You Are Allergic to a Non-Active Ingredient

Medications tend to have several ingredients that are not the active ingredient. That may include dyes, binders and other ingredients. If you are allergic to those ingredients, you may not be able to take certain medications. Luckily, a compounding pharmacy may be able to help in those situations by creating an allergen-free version of the medication for you.

4. Your Doctor Wants You to Take a Combination of Medications

In some cases, you can turn to a compounding pharmacy to mix a number of medications together. That reduces the number of doses you need to take in a day. If you're currently tired of swallowing lots of large pills, this may be a helpful option to consider.

5. Your Pet Needs Special Medications

There are also compounding pharmacies that make special medications for dogs. If your dog has allergies, needs a medication that's not available or faces any of the other issues listed above, it's time to talk with your vet about finding a compounding pharmacy that serves pets as well as humans.

To learn more, contact a compounding pharmacy directly about what they can do for you.