Situations Where You May Want To Contemplate Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling is typically associated as being a last ditch effort at sing a union that is in shambles. In reality, this could not be more misconstrued. The central principle behind marriage counselling is to help couples navigate through tough times in their relationship, no matter what the situation can be. Therefore, it is not supposed to be treated as a last resort when you already have one foot out of the door but instead, should be sought in an attempt to mitigate a situation before it becomes progressively worse. Here are some of the situations where you may want to contemplate marriage counselling rather than try to solve the marital problem on your own:

Transitioning to a blended family

Blended families have been on the rise in recent years. As couples separate and remarry, chances are you will be creating an entirely new nuclear unit with children from the former marriage while still trying to co-parent with your previous spouse. The responsibilities that come with having a blended family can be quite overwhelming. Ideally, you would like your new spouse to feel accepted, while also ensuring that your children do not feel neglected by the new union.

Nevertheless, it is essential to bear in mind that some of the expectations that you have about the situation may never be achieved. Seeing a marriage counsellor would be a great way to get everybody in the new blended family on the same page. Regular counselling sessions can help make the transition easier, while also providing a safe space for family members to air their concerns and overcome any emotional obstacles that they may be encountering.

Dealing with in-laws

Having issues with your spouse's family of origin are one of the ubiquitous marital problems that couples go through. The severity of these issues can run quite deep, and this can have an adverse effect on the union as one spouse may start to develop a feeling of rejection, not having their partner stand up for them and more. Although marriage counselling does focus on the married couple, you could also consider taking your in-laws for some sessions.

The counsellor can help you navigate through the friction and facilitate the healthy setting of boundaries, which would help in fostering a relationship with your spouse's family. Additionally, a marriage counsellor could also guide you and your spouse on how to maintain a healthy relationship in your union regardless of the negativity that may be experienced from the in-laws.