Teeth Whitening: Understanding the Factors Influencing Effectiveness

If your teeth have lost their original brilliance or become stained, you should consider looking into tooth whitening processes. In general, teeth whitening procedures are designed to help the teeth regain their natural colour or become brighter than the original appearance. These techniques are particularly beneficial for people who have discolouration due to exposure to staining foods such wine, caffeine and soft drinks. Also, they work well for teeth which have sustained damage due to smoking and poor oral hygiene. If you decide to whiten your teeth, it is essential to manage your expectations. Here are the factors which will affect how bright your teeth will become. 

Current Tooth Colour

The current colour of your teeth will determine the final results after the whitening procedure. In simple terms, the shade of your teeth is an indicator of the level of staining. If the stains are deeply bound in the structure of the tooth, it will be more difficult to achieve ideal brightness. On the other hand, superficial staining of the enamel can be eliminated fast. In most cases, yellowing of teeth indicates that the damage is external and typically caused by foods and drinks. If your teeth are brown or grey, the discolouration might be intrinsic. It often results from the exposure to a lot of fluoride or some antibiotics during formative years. You might have to consider alternative cosmetic improvement options.

Whitening Process

The whitening process used to improve the appearance of the teeth will influence the results. Therefore, you should think about your product options before proceeding with the teeth improvement process. Usually, the content of the whitening agent such as carbamide peroxide in the whitener will have a significant effect. Dentists have access to products with more of this active ingredient than over-the-counter alternatives. Also, professionals have multiple tools at their disposal. So, the final dental appearance will be better.

Health Condition of the Teeth

Finally, the current health condition of your teeth will have a significant impact on your whitening results. If your teeth have plaque deposits on the surfaces or cavities, the outcome of the procedures will be less than ideal. On the other hand, clean and healthy teeth will respond to whitening with exceptional results. Therefore, if you are planning on whitening, you should have your teeth cleaned professionally before proceeding. 

In-office teeth whitening procedures will provide better results than over-the-counter agents. If you decide to perform at-home whitening, choose your products with diligence and follow the instructions for optimal brightening.